Cornel bone: useful properties and contraindications

Cornel bone: useful properties and contraindications

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Dogwood seeds help saturate the body with vitamins and make preparations for the winter in summer and autumn, when this tasty and healthy berry ripens. What are the benefits of the berry and what contraindications it has for the human body should be known to all lovers and owners of the bush.

What do dogwood bones look like?

Dogwood loves a warm climate, but breeders have been able to breed varieties that grow in temperate latitudes. The plant belongs to the dogwood family and is a tree that reaches a height of 7 meters. There are 4 types of plants.

Dogwood fruits have an oval, pear-shaped or round shape and reach a weight of 3–6 g. The skin of the berry has a variety of colors - from light red to black. The skin is smooth, with a glossy sheen. An oblong bone is located inside the fetus. It is different for different plant species. There are smooth, oblong, gray, and there are corrugated cores, dark brown. The pulp has a sweet and sour taste with a tart flavor.

Attention! Just like the pulp, dogwood seeds have useful properties and contraindications for regular use, which should be known exactly for people with allergic manifestations. They contain up to 34% of medicinal oils, which is not always beneficial for the body.

From the presented component, you can prepare many different infusions, decoctions and solutions for the treatment of diseases.

Is it possible to eat dogwood with seeds

It is allowed to swallow dogwood seeds, since they contain a lot of useful substances. They can be swallowed whole or grinded - dogwood seeds dissolve in the stomach, so grinding is not necessary.

This hard core contains a lot of fatty oils, which has a beneficial effect on human health. And they also contain identical vitamins as in berries. But before starting treatment, you need to consult a specialist.

Useful properties of dogwood seed

Since you can swallow dogwood seeds by eating berries, they are not thrown away, but harvested with subsequent use in the treatment of certain diseases. They have the following beneficial properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • astringent;
  • regenerating;
  • healing.

They contain a substance that helps to constrict blood vessels, which has a positive effect on bleeding. The tonic effect is no less effective. It helps with colds, chronic fatigue, and the restoration of immunity.

If the hard core of the dogwood berry is roasted, it can be used instead of coffee, previously ground. It turns out not only delicious, but also a very healthy drink.

Additional benefits of dogwood seeds include the following factors:

  1. With the help of self-prepared remedies, you can cure diarrhea, hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal tract pathologies, liver.
  2. They are good for treating diabetes and obesity.
  3. If you prepare an infusion and rinse your hair with it regularly, you can get rid of oily seborrhea.
  4. Crushed cores help to restore metabolic processes.

This component from the dogwood berry is often used for nervous system disorders. A healing agent based on them has a good effect on the nervous system - it soothes and tones. Regular consumption of dogwood guarantees good health for years to come.

Hemorrhoid treatment with dogwood seeds

Cornel bones from hemorrhoids have an effective effect due to the content of essential oils. Their properties are similar to sea buckthorn oil. They help to strengthen and narrow the lumen of blood vessels, which allows you to stop bleeding in acute hemorrhoids. The substances improve the regeneration of the tissues of the venous vessels, relieve inflammation, and kill harmful microorganisms. These properties are also used in traditional medicine: candles and tinctures are produced on the basis of the solid component of the fruit.

Cornel bones from hemorrhoids are actively used in folk medicine. There are several recipes for the treatment of the disease:

  1. A simple recipe - you need to eat 15 dried berries daily along with the core, evenly dividing their amount into main meals. Eat the correct portion before meals.
  2. During the ripening period of the dogwood, the fruits should be eaten fresh and with seeds. Eat 4-5 fruits before each main meal.
  3. Eat dogwood jam for several days along with a hard core. In moderation - no more than 100 g per day, otherwise the treatment of hemorrhoids with dogwood seeds will provoke an allergic reaction.
  4. Infusion. Place a tablespoon of crushed dogwood seeds in a thermos, pour 250 ml of boiling water and stand for 12 hours. At night, insert a tampon soaked in the resulting infusion into the anus.

Dogwood jam is best cooked with seeds. During use, they are collected and consumed during an exacerbation without chewing.

Important! The use of dogwood seeds for hemorrhoids has positive reviews. But before such therapy, it is necessary to undergo an appropriate examination to diagnose the disease.

Contraindications to taking dogwood seeds

Despite the fact that cornel fruits with a hard core bring many benefits, this medicinal product also has contraindications. These include the following health problems:

  • diagnosed increased acidity of the stomach;
  • sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • tendency to constipation - bones cannot be used here, but berry pulp can be used;
  • pregnancy - the use of dogwood berries must be limited, since an excessive amount is dangerous for the fetus (bleeding may open and a miscarriage may occur);
  • peptic ulcer, duodenitis;
  • excessive nervousness.

It is not recommended to consume the fruit just before bedtime.


Dogwood seeds are distinguished by useful properties and contraindications. The dogwood tree should take its place in the garden of every owner of a summer cottage, so that there is always an excellent remedy for numerous diseases at hand.

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