Multiply Mullein - 3 simple ways presented

Multiply Mullein - 3 simple ways presented

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The mullein is a truly majestic plant that can be easily propagated. You have several options for this.

Mullein multiply on its own Mullein come from the family of the brownwort family and can easily be propagated in three different ways: by sowing, with the help of root cuttings or by letting nature run and rely on self-propagation.

Here we explain how to do each of the three variants to get even more of the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Mullein is easy to propagate

Possibility 1 - self-propagation:

If mullein is already in your garden and new flowers are to grow in the immediate vicinity of the site, nature will do all the work for you. After flowering, the mullein capsule fruits fall to the ground and release the seeds. In the next year, seedlings will have formed from it without your intervention. All you have to do is leave the new generation healthy mullein candles and remove sickly looking specimens during the summer.

Possibility 2 - propagation by sowing:

For the propagation of mullein by sowing, you can use the seeds of your own flowers as soon as they have turned brown to black in autumn. Here's how to do it:

Simply sprinkle the seeds where you want them and water them in dry weather. Do not bury the seeds, because mullein are cold and light germs. So the seeds only sprout when they are exposed to brightness and low temperatures.

Sowing in plant pots is also possible in ordinary soil. Choose an unheated cold frame or a cool and bright place in the house for the winter. The next spring or early summer you can then plant the plants in the bed.

Option 3 - propagation through root cuttings:

Autumn is the best time for propagation through root cuttings. Proceed as follows:

❶ Uncover the roots of a large and healthy mullein and cut five to ten centimeters long pieces. Don't forget to cover the roots with soil afterwards.

❷ Now chamfer the lower ends of the root pieces with a sharp knife and cut off the upper end straight.

❸ Next, fill a pot with plant soil and insert each cutting so that it is flush with the soil.

❹ Finally, a thin layer of substrate comes over it. Finally, moisten the cutting a little.

❺ Winter root cuttings just like the mullein seeds, so in a cool and bright place. In the summer of the following year, additional roots and the first leaves were formed and you can put the cuttings or mullein in the bed.

A little hint:

In locations with full sun, it is advisable to initially set up the pots in partial shade for a few days. They help the young plants to get used to the new light and temperature conditions.