Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse - tips for cultivation

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse - tips for cultivation

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Whether balcony, field or greenhouse - cucumbers grow well everywhere. However, some varieties especially prefer growing in a greenhouse. Read here what needs to be considered.

Snake cucumbers prefer the greenhouse

If you want to grow cucumbers, you can choose either the field or the greenhouse. Pickled cucumbers, for example, thrive best outdoors. The popular snake cucumber, also called cucumber, prefers the warm, humid climate in the greenhouse. (Reading tip: growing snake cucumbers - instructions for greenhouse & field)

Snake cucumbers are very popular among Germans due to their freshness. Of course, if you have the opportunity, you want to grow it yourself. Vegetables from your own garden taste a lot better than bought ones anyway.

Since cucumbers are not the easiest and most undemanding plants, here are a few helpful tips for growing them.

Tips for growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

❋ Tip 1: floor

Cucumbers can only thrive if the soil is of good quality. The soil should be nutrient-rich, loose and water-retaining. It is best to get special growing soil. You can also enrich them with a little ripe compost or liquid fertilizer.

❋ Tip 2: advance / sow

You can buy young plants in any garden center or, of course, prefer them yourself. This variant is recommended because you have a much higher selection of varieties.

The best time to move forward is mid-April. To do this, put two seeds about three centimeters deep in a small pot and cover them with soil. Until the seeds start to germinate, you should keep the pots evenly warm and moist at a temperature of 20 degrees. From mid-May or after the ice saints, when the first leaves have formed, the young plants can then go out into the greenhouse.

❋ Tip 3: Pay attention to the distances

If you are now planting the young cucumber plants in the greenhouse, you should definitely consider the distance between the plants. It is best if you plant only one plant per square meter.

If you use climbing aids, you can form several rows. You should leave about one meter between the rows. If you prefer to do without it, you should only plant a row so that the cucumbers later have enough space to spread out.

4 Tip 4: The right location

Cucumbers prefer a sunny and sheltered location in the greenhouse. So rather refrain from planting the plants near the door or ventilation window.

5 Tip 5: Take care of cucumbers

So that you can enjoy a profitable harvest, you should take care of the cucumbers regularly. Above all, this includes casting. Cucumbers need enough water every day to thrive perfectly. (More on this in the article Watering cucumbers - you should note that)

Fertilizing cucumber plants can not only increase the yield, but also strengthen the plant. If you did not provide the soil with sufficient nutrients at the beginning, you will quickly notice that the plant lacks some important nutrients. Cucumbers can also be fertilized during growth. However, you should do without the chemical club and prefer to use natural fertilizers such as organic fertilizers.

We explain what other options for fertilization you have in the article Fertilizing cucumbers - How to increase the yield.