Auspicious days for planting potatoes in 2021

Auspicious days for planting potatoes in 2021

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In the last two decades, lunar gardening calendars have become widespread in our country. This is not surprising, since there has always been a surge of interest in mysticism, astrology, occultism in times of trouble. When we live calmly, measuredly, not thinking day and night about what will happen tomorrow and what surprises our unkind world is preparing for us, interest in astrology will subside by itself. In relatively prosperous America and well-fed Europe, you need to look through more than one newspaper or magazine in order to find an auspicious day for buying a refrigerator by Pisces or to find out how sexually intense this week will be for Leo. You don't have to search for a long time here - just open any periodical published at the end of the week.

And now, many experienced or not very gardeners have armed themselves with lunar calendars to mark favorable days for planting potatoes with a marker. Let's not enter into a discussion about the consistency of astrology in general and about the lunar calendars in particular, but let's approach the issue from the point of view of common sense.

Ancestral experience

For centuries we have been an agricultural power, only in the memory of our grandfathers and grandmothers began to build spaceships and actively develop industry. Believe me, the peasants did not calculate the dates for planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar. They were guided by the weather, birds, swelling of the kidneys, and they did not even suspect the existence of such calendars. And lo and behold! They reaped a good harvest, despite the fact that potatoes were planted on the wrong day, and wheat seeds were sown at the wrong time.

Oddly enough, they managed not only to provide themselves with food, but fed all of Europe.

The influence of the moon on plants

Of course, no one will argue that the moon has a huge influence on all processes occurring on earth. But not a single plant has died because "the stars have not risen that way." They die from frost and overflow, from drought and hurricane wind (which, by the way, does not start without the participation of the night star). If we neglect fine days, focus not on weather conditions, but on lunar calendars, we will almost certainly be left without a harvest.

One gets the impression that in practice gardening works exist on their own, and even the most beautiful planting calendars exist on their own. They intersect only by chance, and their predictions also come true by chance. This is more like gymnastics for the mind, and not a guide to action.

If the Moon had not been so lazy, and made a revolution not in 29.5 Earth days, but, say, in a week, then it would be another matter! And even then not in all cases. A month is too much to wait for a day favorable for sowing or planting a particular crop. Everything here needs to be done quickly, experienced gardeners know the situation when it was early to do something yesterday, and tomorrow it will be too late. There is no time for favorable or unfavorable days.

Planting potatoes

The detachment of the lunar calendars from the realities of gardening life is most evident during planting. It is very important here not to start them ahead of time - the planting material may simply die in insufficiently heated soil. But you can't drag it out either - in spring the land loses moisture very quickly, a delay of even a few days can result in significant crop losses.

Planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar clearly demonstrates the entire inconsistency of astrological theories in gardening work. It may happen that at the time when it is recommended to plant the tubers on the ground there is still snow, this means that you need to wait for the next favorable days. And they can be oh, how soon! After all, planting potatoes is advised to do on the waning moon, and even with a certain relative position of the planets.

We looked at the next successful days and shuddered - usually at this time the sun is already hot with us, and there is not a single rain! And the neighbors who are unfamiliar with the lunar calendar for 2021 may already have potatoes in bloom at this time. Will we wait for auspicious days? Of course not! It is better to take a closer look at the buds on the trees, listen to the weather forecast, and look at the neighbors, in the end!

Advice! Potatoes are planted when the soil warms up to 12 degrees or the night temperature does not drop below 10 degrees for several days. In the northern regions, you need to wait a week.

It's the same with the rest of the cultures. They need to be planted at the right time, regardless of the lunar calendars and astrological forecasts, otherwise it’s not that good, no harvest at all can be expected.

Lunar calendar recommendations for 2021

We decided to look at several lunar calendars and find out auspicious days for planting potatoes in 2021. And then plant a few bushes within the recommended time frame and see what happens to them. For reliability, we looked at three randomly selected sites from the first page.

You can easily check us by spending 5-10 minutes of your time. It's good if the would-be gardener, guided by the lunar calendar, is lazy and has looked only one. And if he was looking for the dates for planting potatoes on several calendars? It won't take long to get to a nervous breakdown - what if you plant the tubers according to the "wrong" calendar?

There is only one way out - be patient, study astrology and make planting calendars yourself. Otherwise, you can stay without a crop. Or you can just approach planting potatoes in 2021 from the point of view of common sense and plant them "in the spring", and not "on the moon."


Interestingly, the compilers of the lunar calendars themselves plant a garden according to the lunar calendar? Or have they seen all the vegetables only on store shelves? If you feel like it, read the lunar calendars for your pleasure, but be smart about gardening. Have a nice harvest!

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