Pickled mushrooms: recipes for the winter

Pickled mushrooms: recipes for the winter

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Ryzhiks occupy the leading positions in nutritional value of all tubular species. The composition of the protein in the fruit body is not inferior to the protein of animal origin. The mushroom is popular not only for its taste, but also for its versatility in processing. Pickled, salted or pickled mushrooms do not lose useful properties, retain their shape well, have bright color and taste and aroma peculiar to the species.

Secrets of cooking pickled mushrooms

For harvesting for the winter, only young specimens are taken. In overripe fruiting bodies, the protein begins to break down, releasing toxic compounds. The damaged ones also do not use. No matter how carefully the mushrooms are processed, the waste of the larvae remains in the pulp, significantly reducing the value of the processed product. For the preparation of pickled mushrooms, specimens are chosen, the cap of which does not exceed 5 cm. They are collected in an ecologically clean area.

Glass jars of any convenient size, enameled dishes or a wooden barrel are used for blanks. The mushrooms fermented in an oak barrel have a pleasant tart woody smell. Pickled mushrooms become firmer.

Before laying fruit bodies, a wooden container is poured with warm water for 1-2 days. The material will be saturated with moisture, will increase in size, which will prevent the barrel from leaking in the future. Before laying, any type of container is washed with a weak solution of baking soda and treated with boiling water.

Pickled mushrooms are tasty if the temperature is observed. The recipe calls for the use of sourdough. The optimum temperature for fermentation is 15-20 0C, in such an environment, lactic acid bacteria multiply well, and the process proceeds normally.

Important! If the temperature is higher, butyric acid bacteria begin to grow vigorously, and their presence in pickled mushrooms is highly undesirable, since bitterness will be present in the taste of the finished product.

Recipes for cooking pickled mushrooms for the winter

For any workpiece, raw materials are pre-prepared:

  1. Fruit bodies are cleaned of soil and remnants of grass or leaves.
  2. At the base, the fruit stem is cut off by about 1.5-2 cm.
  3. Remove the film from the cap, you can leave it in young specimens.
  4. Fruit bodies are washed.
  5. So that the remaining sand settles to the bottom, the mushrooms are soaked for 40 minutes.
  6. Pour boiling water over, let the water drain.
  7. Separate the caps from the legs. This is done in the process of salting, because the mushrooms secrete milky juice, which quickly oxidizes and turns dark green.

In some recipes, mushrooms are boiled. This point is not fundamental, boiling does not affect the taste of pickled mushrooms and the fermentation time will also not shorten.

A simple recipe for pickled mushrooms

One of the fastest ways to recycle with minimal material costs. The recipe is designed for 10 kg of raw materials, with a smaller or larger volume, the ingredients are changed in accordance with the proportion:

  • salt - 350 g;
  • sugar - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • serum - 0.5 l.

Spices are added at will, you can use green dill or seeds, garlic. Bay leaf is not provided for by the recipe, it is not combined with a fermented milk product, pickled mushrooms will acquire an unpleasant odor.

Sequence of work:

  1. The raw materials are placed in a prepared container in layers.
  2. Sprinkle each layer with salt.
  3. Combine sugar and fermented milk product, stir until crystals dissolve.
  4. Poured into a blank.
  5. A load is placed on top.

Mushrooms are removed for fermentation. After a day, they check the process, the mushrooms should start up the juice.

Important! The mushrooms must be completely covered with liquid.

Foam areas form on the surface, and a sour smell emanates from the workpiece. This means that fermentation has begun, and in 20 days the mushrooms will reach the desired condition.

Pickled mushrooms with horseradish root

Horseradish-prepared mushrooms are quite popular. Pickled mushrooms are not only a favorite homemade dish, they are included in the menus of many elite restaurants and are in high demand. For the preparation you will need:

  • mushrooms - 10 kg;
  • any fermented milk product - 0.5 l;
  • medium-sized horseradish root - 2 pcs.;
  • dill seeds - 200 g;
  • salt - 350 g;
  • garlic - 2-3 heads;
  • black currant leaves - 25 pcs.;
  • sugar - 150 g

Cooking pickled mushrooms:

  1. Currant leaves are placed in a colander, poured over with boiling water.
  2. Peel horseradish root, pass through a meat grinder. Horseradish juice irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory organs, so work is carried out in a well-ventilated area.
  3. The garlic is cut into thin slices.
  4. Put the mushrooms in a container in layers, sprinkle each layer with salt and spices, put currant leaves on top.
  5. Sugar is dissolved in whey or kefir, added to the workpiece.
  6. A load is placed on top of the mushrooms.

After a few days, check the level of water return by the mushrooms. If there is not enough liquid, add boiled salted water so that the surface is completely covered. If there are no deviations from the proportions of the recipe, mushrooms, under the weight of oppression, give a sufficient amount of juice.

Pickled mushrooms with cabbage

A tasty, low-calorie dish - sauerkraut together with cabbage is recommended for obese people. The blank is useful for digestion, contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which is especially noticeable in winter. Required components:

  • mushrooms - 600 g;
  • shredded cabbage - 2 kg;
  • water - 0.5 l;
  • dill (seeds) - 4 tsp;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • black pepper (peas) - 30 pcs.;
  • medium-sized carrots - 2 pcs.

Cooking sauerkraut with cabbage:

  1. The cabbage is shredded.
  2. Carrots are grated or cut into small squares.
  3. Ryzhiks are combined with vegetables.
  4. Spices are added, the mass is mixed.
  5. Dissolve sugar and salt in warm water.
  6. The workpiece is placed in a container, compacted.
  7. Pour out the water.

In a day, the fermentation process will be noticeable on the surface of the foam, so that the air comes out, the workpiece is pierced in several places. The readiness of pickled mushrooms with cabbage is determined by the color of the brine, when it becomes transparent, it means that the processing process is complete.

Terms and conditions of storage

Containers with pickled mushrooms are lowered into the basement or placed in a room where the temperature does not exceed +50 ° C. At a higher value, the fermentation process will resume and the product will spoil. Make sure that the fruit bodies are in liquid, if necessary, add boiled salted water. If mold is found, it is removed, the circles are washed and bends with a saline solution. Subject to the storage technology, pickled mushrooms will be suitable until next season.


Fermented mushrooms are a low-calorie tasty product. For winter harvesting, you can use a traditional simple recipe that requires minimal skills and material costs. Pickled mushrooms with horseradish or cabbage are especially popular.

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